Mynakyne Hawaii is looking to stretch it's wings and help others fly! We are interested in creative artists, photographers, and designers who understand what MYNAKYNE and the Hawaiian culture is all about.

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What's a Team MYNAKYNE Collaboration?

Team MYNAKYNE Collaborations are online and interactive - every collaboration has a story that you can learn about by navigating to our website. Learn more about the thoughts behind a design, and how the collaboration between Mynakyne Hawaii and the artist worked out!

Gavin Iwai - Underwater Photographer

Gavin is an avid snorkeler, diver, fisherman, bodyboarder, and photographer at heart. His love for the ocean and marine life started at an early age. In the past, he was always fishing and spearfishing. But it wasn't till he picked up a camera and started shooting that he realized the majestic beauty that lay abound below. Gavin spends most of his days either shooting underwater marine life, empty waves in the shorebreak or epic landscape shots. Working out at the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, provides him a perfect avenue to capturing magical moments and unique perspectives from below.



Instagram: @oceannmotion

Team MYNAKYNE Collaboration:

Aerial Hawaii - Drone Photographer

Being born and raised in Hawaii, Jonathan M. always appreciated the natural beauty of the islands. He got into photography because he wanted to be able to show his friends and family perspectives that they have never seen before. In 2014 he picked up a drone for the first time having no experience in the field of remote controlled aircraft. What started out as a hobby quickly turned into a passion, and after his photos began to get more and more attention he started up his own drone photography business, Aerial Hawaii. In his free time Jonathan enjoys, hiking, body boarding, and playing golf.

Instagram: @aerialhawaii

Team MYNAKYNE Collaboration:

Jackson Groves - Travel Photographer/Blogger

Jackson Groves is a travel photographer, blogger and social influencer. Originally from Adelaide, Australia, he moved to the United States to play college soccer and finish his Bachelor of Journalism at Hawaii Pacific University. Action sports, adventures and landscapes are the inspiration for Jackson's photos. Jackson is about to set off an a world adventure, beginning in South-East Asia, blogging and photographing throughout his journey.

Instagram: @jackson.groves

Team MYNAKYNE Collaboration:

Stephen Trimble - Adventurer/Photographer

Stephen Trimble is an adverturer and photographer specializing in landscape photography and underwater/wave photography. He is currently a student, graduating May 2016 from UH Manoa with a degree in Family Resources. He spends all of his free time adventuring the mountains and oceans around Hawaii. Stephen is an avid traveler and in the next year plans to spend time in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, and hopefully all over Europe. As well as spending some time in the National Parks on the mainland United States.

Instagram: @trimbleezy

Team MYNAKYNE Collaboration:

Glimpse Of Hawaii - Adventurers

From Nate and Mel of Glimpse of Hawaii: "So we originally started Glimpse Of Hawaii (@glimpseofhawaii) as our personal adventure page, where we could post pics of our adventures with our tag #glimpseofhawaii. Then other people started tagging their photos and vids with that tag. Initially we thought nothing of it. Then it blew up where our tag is now on hundreds of posts. We then decided to start featuring those pics, and thus the Glimpse Of Hawaii as you see it now was born."

"We put pics up that show what Hawaii has to offer. Hiking, swimming, scenery, etc. As we kept on posting ours and others adventures this page became an avenue where people would plan their next adventures to the places we post. We occasionally do open invitation adventures and try to go out and do things weekly and invite the new friends we make. We are always open to joining others on their adventures."

Instagram: @glimpseofhawaii

Team MYNAKYNE Collaboration:

Desmond Thain - Gyotaku Artist

In Desmond Thain's early childhood, he was heavly infuenced by Wyland and how beautiful his artwork was. The beauty, passion, and respect for the ocean is what he wanted to replicate just as Wyland did. He is the pioneer of a new style of detailed gyotaku, or as the Japanese would call it, "irogyotaku". Many seek his talents due to the detail and effort he puts into each gyotaku. Desmond's passion for art extends beyond gyotaku, Jiu-jitsu is another art that he excels at. He trains and teaches jiu-jitsu at Relson Gracie jiu-jitsu academy on Kapahulu avenue.

Instagram: @dwezz75

Team MYNAKYNE Collaboration: "Moana Kali"

Gavin Shigesato - Photographer

Gavin Shigesato is an 18 year old photographer capturing moments in the land and ocean. With a passion in photography, Gavin spends time taking photos of empty waves in the shorebreak, and of different wave riders. With different lenses and angles he is able to show a unique perspective of the world to others. "Sharing my own personal view of the world through my camera is what I find to be very rewarding and special. I am attending UH Manoa and intending to major in Meteorology. Also working part time for the UH football team and a Kaleo newspaper photographer. I would like to thank my Family and friends and Mynakyne for the support to help me accomplish my goals" - Gavin Shigesato - #mynakyneShige



Instagram: @gavshige

Team MYNAKYNE Collaboration: "Waimea Bay Last Call"

Kainalu Kamai - Artist/Photographer

Kainalu Kamai is an upcoming artist mostly known for his unique photography work. Art has been in his entire life, mostly in drawing and painting. Recently he learned tribal Polynesian art, often making numerous designs combining different Polynesian styles to create his own style of tribal art. With the help of Mynakyne, Kainalu was able to improve his style and create something unique to represent the Mynakyne brand and Hawaii itself. Currently Kainalu is a member of the Hawaii Army National Guard and wants to pursue a career in the Honolulu Police Department.



Instagram: @nalumonphotography808

Team MYNAKYNE Collaboration: "He'e Flow"

Nichole Paree - Artist

Nichole Paree is a local Hawaii-based artist and surfer who grew up in the waters of the Pacific with two passions: painting and working with underprivileged youth. In 2008 she founded the ever growing nonprofit organization Ocean Lotus Hawaii for Hawaiis many homeless children. Her work with these unique and special kids, as well as her love for surfing and the ocean has inspired her to paint the turquoise surf, unique emotional portraits and oceanic musings you see in her art today. In combining her passions, Nichole Paree's artwork is sold with 50% of profits benefiting the amazing children of Ocean Lotus Hawaii.



Instagram: @nicholeparee_surf_art

Team MYNAKYNE Collaboration: COMING SOON!!