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Get to know more about each MYNAKYNE HAWAII design. We design with the Hawaiian culture and people in mind. Where possible, each design has multiple meanings. Look closer.


How do you do Hawaii?

Whether you're surfing or lounging, hiking or cruising, eating or working out, we all have our own way of living in Hawaii. Introducing "How HI", a sub-brand under the Mynakyne umbrella. Designed by Mynakyne, the How HI design offers a window into our lives..those that live and breathe Hawaii. The design incorporates the flow of waves, the sharp peaks of our mountains, the deep cuts of our valleys, and much much more. For Mynakyne, it's how we say "HI"! !

"Manoa Falls" - Glimpse Of Hawaii

From Nate of Glimpse of Hawaii: "For our first collaboration shirt, we provided a picture of iconic Manoa Falls. We headed out in the rain that day to find a falls with a heavy flow. We found ourselves at Manoa Falls that day and snapped this photo of the raging falls. "

From Mel of Glimpse of Hawaii: "We wanted to go hiking but the weather was bad. It was mostly cloudy and raining in some areas. We decided since it was raining we should go to a waterfall. Manoa Falls was the choice to go with since it is an easy hike to do, especially in the rain. Once we reached the falls, it was raging. We have never seen such a huge flow from Manoa Falls before. We whipped out our GoPro h=Hero 3 Black and snapped this shot of the falls. "

MYNAKYNE Design Notes: When we first discussed a collaboration, Glimpse of Hawai provided a bunch of shots so I could show them how they'd look behind the "How HI" window. The prototypes looked great and we now had to finalize an image. As Nate and Mel noted, the Manoa Falls hike is an easy but iconic hike. For most people that's their first hike. Given Glimpse Of Hawaii's nature to sometimes do the extreme,we agreed upon the Manoa Falls hike as a great starter pic. It's definitely unique in that there was water actually falling!

The waterfall was clearly the focus which fit perfectly into the middle frame of the "How HI" design. The rocks in the pic looked awesome as well. For extra credit, we pulled one of the rocks "out of the frame" which added awesome depth. Overall the colors and "flow" of this design are awesome.

"Sandy Beach" - Kainalu K.

From Kainalu: "This specific shot was taken at Sandy Beach in the early morning when the conditions were just about perfect. Despite the fact that there people enjoying the water who sometimes got in the shot, it didnt bother me as much for this shot because it captured a moment and also gave a size perspective to how it looked that morning. I liked this photo because of the bright and bold colors and way it formed up with the sunrise. "It was one of the photos that stood out, out of all the photo I took that day and thats why it was chosen to be featured for 'How HI'."

'How Hi' in my own meaning is how much you love Hawaii by expressing it with the adventures and everyday outdoor activities that show the beauty of our islands. Wether it be going to the beach, fishing, surfing, hiking to waterfalls or eating local foods, they all connect to us in a certain way. As for me my love for the ocean is beyond what anyone can imagine. I love to do photography and using the ocean as one of my subjects showcases the 'How HI' effect in my photos. "

MYNAKYNE Design Notes: Kainalu sent a bunch of Sany Beach shots one day and they all looked awesome. As he mentioned above, the pic he chose had the best range and color. It looked great! There were other photographers in the water and picture as well, but luckily the "How HI" fit perfectly! I centered the wave and brought it down a little lower to get the light coming through the top of the wave.

"Pipeline" - Shige Photos

From Gavin S: "Thinking about what makes Hawaii special to me, I think about the waves. With a camera in hand and swimming around the North Shore I am stoked to have captured this image of Pipeline from the water. Giving you a front row seat to the surfing action and what I see in the water. I love swimming out during the late afternoon when the waves are pumping. It is how I do Hawaii!"

MYNAKYNE Design Notes: Gavin has the sickest North Shore shots. He's always had great timing with his shots, and the 'Golden Hour' is what we focused on in our last collaboration. This time around we were looking for a mix of color and timing. His Pipeline choice was perfect. We moved and shrunk the wave a bit to showcase the color of the sky. We also positioned the wave edge perfectly into the break in the letter H. A simple move, but it locked everything into place!