Prounounced - MYNA as in "mynah bird", KYNE as in "da kine".

MYNA. In Hawaii, the name is a play on the word "Minor". Our motto is "MYNA. minor. no worries. no problem."

The word "MYNAKYNE" can be used in everyday conversation such as in the following sentence: "No money today, but MYNAKYNE, let's go surf!"


Mynakyne Hawaii was conceived locally as an artistic tribute to the black and yellow mynah bird found on all the islands of Hawaii.

We design and create for locals as well as those that appreciate the Hawaiian culture from abroad.

The MYNA logo and type were created to be simple yet eye catching and thought provoking. The design combines not only the Mynah bird, but other Hawaiian elements as well. Can you find them?

Mynakyne Hawaii wants to one day create something for everyone, everywhere of all ages.

We also look forward to working with others in our common goal to promote Hawaii.